Here's what my customers and colleagues are saying...

Therapeutic Testimonials: 

"My four year old son has been so much better since we first started. The situation was just awful, but now he even likes going to see Steve." C.M. (mother) Independence, MO

"Dr. Holeman counseled me for two-and-a-half years for bipolar disorder. His proactive nature saved my life. My EAP contacted him. He immediately made an appointment to see me the following day. Dr. Holeman also made arrangements for me to see a psychiatrist within two days for medication. His quality of care never wavered. He would still be my therapist today, but for having to move from Missouri. I was incredibly fortunate to find a therapist of Dr. Holeman's caliber". C.D. (client) Daytona Beach, FL

"I had two boys, one with ADHD and one with OCD and Bi-polar disorder while at the same time being very sick. Dr. Holeman helped me develop consistency and control in a state of chaos. I found things so much more manageable and relaxed after Dr. Holeman guided me into structuring skills and parenting tools that helped me regain control of two very out of control children." D.A., Missouri

Coaching Testimonials:

July 15, 2011

Re: Professional coaching

“I have been working with Dr. Steven Holeman for the last 18 months in a professional environment. During that time Dr. Holeman has provide me with resources to allow me to greatly excel in my professional career without sacrificing my family life. His tremendous background in counseling combined with his history of coaching professional athletes has allowed him to develop a unique ability to combine the two disciplines. This is unlike anything that I have experienced in the past. His help has allowed me to develop strategies to recognize and correct areas that would have held me back in the past. My business and personal life have started down the road of BALANCE, which has been welcome by both my family and my colleagues. I would highly recommend working with Dr. Holeman if you have any desire to expand your professional career and finding balance between that and your personal life."


David R. Cuba, President

CS Group