International Chaplain Academy: Disaster  Psychology-CISM+/Non-Ordained Chaplain & Pastoral Care Training:

Preparing Chaplains, Lay Persons & Clergy for Trauma, Crisis & Disaster Response

Melissa Slagle, MSSW, LCSW, LMFT, Certified Traumatic Stress Specialist




All courses are $70.00 each.

Scholarship assistance may be available; if needed, please inquire.

All classes begin at 8 a.m. and end (approximately) at 6 p.m.


Disaster Psychology-CISM+                                Chaplain Academy # 1

____ Friday, March 28                                    ____ Saturday, March 26

____ Saturday, May 28                                        ____ Friday, May 27

____ Friday, July 22 ____ Saturday, July 23

____ Saturday, September 24 ____ Friday September 23


Chaplain Academy #2 Chaplain Academy #3

____ Friday, April 22 ____ Saturday, April 23

____ Saturday, June 25 ____ Friday, June 24

____ Friday, August 26 ____ Saturday, August 27

____ Saturday, October 29 ____ Friday, October 28


(Nov. & Dec. Schedule to be announced -Call for information)


Some classes are presented on back to back dates-check below

Friday, March 25 CISM+ Saturday, March 26, #1

Friday, April 22, #2 Saturday, April 23, #3

Friday, May 27, #1 Saturday, May 28, CISM+

Friday, June 24, #3 Saturday, June 25, #2

Friday, July 22, CISM+ Saturday, July 23, #1

Friday, August 26, #2 Saturday, August 27, #3

Friday, September 23, #1  Saturday, September 24, CISM+

Friday, October 28, #3 Saturday, October 29, #2


Academy courses can be taken in any order.

CISM+ is recommended as a pre-requisite and should be taken first.

Other training dates can be arranged for the convenience of organizations, corporations, churches and groups desiring training on their schedule.


(918) 260-6899   Rev. Melissa Slagle





Disaster Psychology-CISM+


(A preferred pre-requisite for Chaplaincy courses) Presenting the Mitchell model of crisis intervention for individuals and small groups known as debriefing; in addition to other techniques. You will be prepared to understand a wide range of crisis intervention services including psychological first aid, crisis intervention, best practices model, power interventions, and the need for    appropriate follow up services and referrals. Course is open to any person who wishes to know more about crisis intervention techniques,  i.e. chaplains, emergency  service  and  disaster  workers,  security,  safety,   military,  school   personnel,  EAPs, human resources, psychologists, social workers, counselors, lay counselors, ministers, retired persons and anyone over age 16 can benefit. All individuals completing this course will receive an internationally recognized certificate.


 Chaplain Academy #1-Content:


 Introduction and Skills

Chaplaincy vs. Ministry (What is expected of a Chaplain and what is not.)

Balcony People v. Basement People Death Notification

Confidentiality Suicide & Grief

Compassion Fatigue & Burn Out Ethics


Chaplain Academy #2-Content:



A Chaplain's Presence Communication Skills/Listening

Relationship Recovery Non-verbal Communication

Dealing with Difficult People Workplace Violence


Chaplain Academy #3-Content:


Stress Management/PTSD in children

Serving Effectively as a Chaplain Conflict Resolution

Children in Grief/Crisis Skunks & Porcupines-PTSD

Recognizing PTSD in Self & Others *School Crisis Events


 Certificates are awarded at the completion of CISM+ and  another certificate is awarded following the completion of all 3 Chaplain Academy courses


All courses for certification have CLEET approval to award 10 clock hours each.


 Primary Instructor:

Melissa Slagle, MSSW, LCSW, LMFT, CTS Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LCSW)Certified Traumatic-stress Specialist (CTS)Chaplain 


Please call or email Melissa for an updated schedule at the number or email noted above.

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